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Urgent Appeal for Support for Victims of Recent Rains and Flooding in the Philippines

07 August 2012

Dear friends,

For the past week, the rains due to the monsoon after typhoon Gener left the country have been persistent and have caused flooding in different parts of Luzon, especially in Metro Manila. At present, as the rains pour, many have been stranded in their houses while thousands are being relocated to various evacuation centers in their cities and municipalities. As of 3:45pm today, 60 individuals have been reportedly killed due to the non-stop rains, flooding and landslides caused by incessant rains. According to news reports, the rains have affected some 199,485 families (or about one million individuals based on an average of 5 per family) across 11 regions in the country.

We in KARAPATAN, SELDA, Desaparecidos, Tanggol Bayi, Hustisya and EMJP are appealing to all concerned citizens in the Philippines and abroad for relief goods (food, clothes, blankets, medicines) and cash support for needed relief for our brethren, most especially the women and children, affected by rains and floods in Sampaloc, Manila; Tatalon, Quezon City; Dagat-dagatan, Caloocan; and many other affected areas in the National Capital Region, Southern Tagalog and Central Luzon.

You can drop off your donations to Karapatan National Office, Erythrina Building, #Maaralin cor. Matatag Streets, Central District, Quezon City. Please contact anyone of the following – Tinay Palabay (0917-5003879), Lui Tumlos (0917-8299202), or Girlie Padilla (0908-8941870).

For cash or check contributions, please inform us so we can send the details to facilitate the donations.

Thank you very much and our best regards.

Sincerely yours,

 Marie Hilao Enriquez

Cristina Palabay

Spokesperson, Karapatan

US court junks victims’ claim on $35-M Marcos assets

4:52 am | Thursday, June 28th, 2012

ALBANY, New York—New York courts have dismissed the claim by victims of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos for more than $35 million from a US brokerage account, citing the competing claim by the Philippine government upheld by its own highest court.

Ferdinand Marcos was sued in the US federal court in Hawaii, where he fled, on behalf of some 10,000 victims of arrest, torture and execution. The plaintiffs obtained a nearly $2-billion judgment after he died and now seek related assets. ( photo)

The Court of Appeals, New York’s highest judicial body, says the state’s courts for now “should not intercede” in a case that remains within the province of Philippine national sovereignty.

If the assets belong to that country’s people, also victimized by the Marcos regime that was overthrown in 1986, the court says the assets should be returned.

Marcos was sued in the US federal court in Hawaii, where he fled, on behalf of some 10,000 victims of arrest, torture and execution. The plaintiffs obtained a nearly $2-billion judgment after he died and now seek related assets.

Marie Hilao-Enriquez, chairperson of Selda (Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto), an organization of former political prisoners, said in Manila that the decision was “disheartening for the victims.”

Proves Marcoses stole

“At the same time, I’m also happy because that proves that the Marcoses stole money from the people, and that should be returned to the Filipino people. In effect, the court ruled in favor of the Philippine government,” she said by phone.

“The problem is, it might be stolen again if it’s returned to the people,” Enriquez said, recalling that part of the $386-million ($630 million in 2004) “Marcos loot,” which the Swiss Supreme Court ordered transferred to the Philippines in 1997, was used in the 2004 “fertilizer fund scam.”

Enriquez, daughter of one of the original plaintiffs in the class suit filed against the Marcos family, said lawyer Robert Swift made the claim for the victims to fund the $2-billion judgment.

Selda filed a class action suit for 10,000 victims before the US Federal District Court System on April 7, 1986. The court ruled against the Marcos family on Sept. 22, 1992, finding the dictator guilty of crimes against humanity. The court ordered the Marcos family to pay exemplary damages of $1.9 billion and later, compensatory damages of $776 million to the victims.

Loretta Ann Rosales, chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, said in a text message: “I feel rather sad that a historical judgment won for victims of martial law—the first court to declare Marcos guilty of human rights violations—should be resisted by pure legal arguments, blind to the spirit of the historical judgment: compensate those who fought for the freedom we enjoy today. It’s a sad day.” Reports from AP and TJ Burgonio in Manila