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Mon Tulfo’s Column

mon tulfoOn Target | Philippine Daily Inquirer
Ramon Tulfo 
February 20, 2014

Former police director Lina Sarmiento, the first woman to hold a two-star rank in the Philippine National Police (PNP), has been appointed head of the Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board.

The board oversees the distribution of P10 billion in compensation to victims of military abuse during President Marcos’ martial law regime.

Sarmiento who?

Sarmiento’s resumé says she was former director of the PNP Human Rights Affairs Office.

As someone often approached by people victimized by abusive policemen, I should have been aware of such an office.

I knew Sarmiento headed the Police Security and Protection Group which assigns bodyguards to very important persons or VIPs.

I never heard her defending the human rights of civilians, much more heading an office within the PNP that protects the rights of civilians.

No kidding, is there really such an office?