SELDA appreciates the new effort of the Swiss government

24 May 2013

With elections over, SELDA STRONGLY URGES the Noynoy Aquino government to implement RA 10368 immediately as
SELDA appreciates the new effort of the Swiss government

SELDA appreciates the new effort of the Swiss government of working on a new law which intends to simplify the process of freezing and unblocking assets of former autocratic governments which includes the former Marcos regime, stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

In September 2012, SELDA Chairperson Marie Enriquez, has brought to the attention of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council as well as the Human Rights Committee in October both in Geneva, the status of the pending bill (at that time) to indemnify the martial law human rights violations victims and urged the said bodies to remind the Philippine government of its obligation to compensate the martial law victims. In her oral intervention at the September 2012 Human Rights Council session during the adoption of the Philippine UPR report, she “particularly took note of Switzerland’s UPR recommendation to compensate the victims of martial law” especially since the Swiss government has already transferred the US$680M Marcos Swiss deposits in favor of the Philippine government in 1997 yet.

“While a new initiative to swiftly send back to originating countries the ill-gotten wealth of dictators is being done by the Swiss government, the Noynoy Aquino government is not moving on the implementation of the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recogniton Act or RA 10368. Two and a half months have passed since the President has boastfully signed the measure, but the formation of the Human Rights Victims Claims Board has not been acted upon by the Noynoy Aquino administration that many of the victims are awaiting as the formation signals the implementation of the law,” Roneo Clamor, SELDA National Coordinator said.

“We have already waited long enough. We can’t afford this part of justice to be delayed and denied again! We hope that this administration will stop using the law as a means to bloat his popularity and instead immediately implement RA 10368,”Clamor concluded.

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