Martial Law Victims sick and tired of Noynoy’s inaction on the Indemnification bill


19 July 2012

Reference: Boni Ilagan, Vice Chairperson (09176291241)

Trining Herrera, Board Member (09155443181)


Martial law survivors and members of the Samahan ng mga Ex-Detainee Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto (SELDA) hits Noynoy Aquino for the inaction on the passage of the Indemnification Bill.

“We are sick and tired of Noynoy Aquino’s lipservice! We don’t want to see Malacanang pointing its finger on the Senate, like it did to the judiciary on the case of extrajudicial killings. The Senate is party to the delay of the Bill’s approval but Noynoy can hasten its passage if he wants to,” said SELDA Board Member Trinidad “Trining” Herrera.

“Sinungaling siya! Ang mga binibitawan niyang salita kaugnay ng pagpapasa ngindemnification bill ay puros pampapogi lang,” added Herrera. (“He’s a liar! His statements are only meant to improve his image.”)

In the past two weeks, three SELDA leaders passed away due to sickness;  Jose “Bong” Barsoles, 61 years old, Chairperson of SELDA-National Capital Region died on June 29; Romeo Luneta, 69, on July 9; and Margarita “Maita” Gomez, 65, on July 12. Ka Romy and Maita were active board members SELDA at the time of their death.

“Ano pa ba ang hinihintay niya? Na mamatay na kaming lahat?” Herrera asked. (“What is he waiting for, that we all die?”)

According to the group, speeches nor declarations will not indemnify the Martial Law victims, nor is it the way to move forward. “For all of Aquino’s declarations and promises, in a span of two years, nothing has come of the indemnification bill in the Senate. Mouthing assurances will not give us justice,” Boni Ilagan, SELDA Vice Chairperson said.

SELDA held the Aquino administration accountable for the Martial Law victims’ continued suffering and stated that after this SONA, the government should be more aggressive in pushing for the passage of the Marcos Victims’ Compensation Bill.

“Aquino may still have four years of ‘pagpapapogi’ but we don’t have the luxury of time to wait. It must be passed now!” Herrera decried.

Meanwhile, Martial Law victims announced to continue their traditional march to Batasan on Monday during Aquino’s SONA, together with various sectors to protest the President’s failure to deliver his pledge to serve the country.

“We may be sick, but we will never tire of fighting for justice. Not even death can defeat our struggle, just as those who have gone ahead of us.” Ilagan, concluded. ###


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