alan jazmines statements

Dear friends,

Alan Jazmines, NDFP Peace Consultant, who was illegally arrested last February 14, 2011, requested SELDA to release his statement. Please see his full statement below, the attached file is the scanned copy of his handwritten statement. Please circulate. Thank you very much

SELDA National Office

Statement on My Arrest in Violation of the JASIG and Mockery of the Entire Peace Talks

February 16, 2011


NDFP Peace Consultant

PNP Custodial Center

Camp Crame, Quezon City

My arrest on the very eve of the NDFP-GPH peace talks by combined forces of the AFP and PNP is an outright and arrogant mockery and sabotage of the peace process.

The Government of the Republic of the Philippines’ fascist forces have been intentionally violating the JASIG with impunity and stubbornly refusing to release 14 other NDFP peace consultants and their staff who remain under detention, in order to prove that there is nothing to gain in the peace process, especially on the part of the revolutionary forces and the people. In adding another arrest of a JASIG-holder on the very eve of the resumption of the peace talks, the leadership of the fascist AFP and PNP want to show how easily they can violate all peace agreements and make it appear that the NDFP and the revolutionary forces are weak and have really nothing to leverage on and gain in the peace process. They want to use the peace process only to make the revolutionary forces capitulate.

At the time I was being arrested, I insisted that the arrest is a violation of the JASIG because I am a certified JASIG-holder. I have in fact turned over to my lawyer the details of my JASIG authorities and we can even have those details disclosed to the public in order to prove it. Yet, the arresting officers said that after they relayed my insisting to the top command of the AFP and PNP, the top officers ordered to proceed with the arrest and detention, and “to hell with the JASIG.”

I and the rest of the detained NDFP peace consultants demand that the issue of JASIG violations by the GPH should be resolved first before proceeding to other agenda. Otherwise, any further agreements supposed reached in the peace talks and in fact, the whole peace process becomes only a laughing stock for these fascists.

The Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto (SELDA) – Philippines is an organization of former political detainees in the country. Founded in December 4, 1984, SELDA was initiated by former political prisoners during the Martial Law period. It works for the unconditional release of all political prisoners and humane treatment of those who are still in detention; for the advocacy on the conditions of political prisoners, the fundamental reasons for their arrest and detention, and their struggle for justice; mobilization of resources for political prisoners and their families; legislative actions on the indemnification and rehabilitation of political detainees; and promotion of partnerships and solidarity with organizations for the freedom and welfare of political prisoners and victims of tyranny.


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