Statement of Morong 43 on Sept 17 National Day of Action and Sympathy Fast

Prolonged Illegal Detention is Justice Denied!

We, the Morong 43 appeal to our government for an impartial and swift justice on our case and the cases of all political prisoners in the country. For eight months ,we are languishing in jail. We are being detained illegally based on a defective warrant. In addition, we are falsely accused of illegal possession of fire arms and explosives while conducting a health training. Furthermore, our case in the Court of Appeals, has not been acted upon since April 2010.

While in detention, our rights are continuously violated. For the first 3 months
under military detention, we had been subjected to physical and psychological torture while being handcuffed and blindfolded for six hours. Twice, our military
captors blocked our motion for transfer to a civilian detention facility.

Now while on civilian detention, the court denied Judilyn Oliveros’ motion for release on recognizance, to stay out of jail, and only granted a three-month stay at the hospital.

Until now we can not understand what crime have we committed to suffer these kinds of injustices. Is it a crime and impart health knowledge and skills to community health workers in order to help deprived communities of health services?

Eight months of detention has caused suffering to our families, relatives, friends and supporters. The communities that we serve are continuously being neglected and are still suffering from basic health care.

On this day, we join the National Day of Action and Sympathy Fast to protest the continued trampling and violation of our human rights. We appeal to all freedom-loving people to help fight for and restore the respect to the rule of law and above all respect for human rights.

We ask President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to release us and all political prisoners without conditions to concretize his banner pronouncement during his State-of-the-Nation Address on respect for human rights.

Prolonged illegal detention is justice denied!
Free the 43 community health workers!
Free all political prisoners!

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