August 20,2010: Morong 43 Statement on Judilyn Oliveros and Baby’s Transfer to Bicutan Jail

*The Morong 43 today conducted a noise barrage inside jail facilities in Camp Bagong Diwa in protest of the transfer of Oliveros and baby.

Judilyn Oliveros and baby must be released immediately!

We, the 43 accused community health workers call on the Aquino government to immediately release Judilyn Oliveeros and baby from prison.

Judilyn Oliveros, one of us accused community health workers, just gave birth to a baby boy last July 22 by caesarian operation. Barely three weeks from delivery, she is compelled by the authorities to be brought back to prison despite of our lawyer’s motion for release on recognizance. She has not fully recovered from her operation and the baby still needs nourishment from his mother and too young to be mixed in prison.

This is an additional injustice to Judilyn. Like us who are illegally arrested and detained, being pregnant while in prison is an additional suffering and sacrifice on her part. She was not spared from psychological and torture in the hands of the military. Just after being blindfolded and handcuffed for 36 hours, she was placed under solitary confinement. In her cell, she had been interrogated anytime at night or day by one or more military men. She was also threatened to be electrocuted when she joined our protest action against the military who forcibly took or ‘kidnapped’ our five companions from their cells in Camp Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal.

Need Judilyn and baby have to suffer more? Is justice and humaneness elusive again as in the era of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo?

We, 43 community health workers stand firm and continue to campaign for Judilyn and baby to be out of from jail. Even during the fascist rule of Ferdinand Marcos detained pregnant and nursing mothers were released from prison. We appeal to President Aquino III for humane treatment and speedy justice by releasing Judilyn and baby immediately out of prison!

Release Judilyn Oliveros and baby immediately!

Free the 43 community health workers and other political prisoners!


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