Statement on Inhumane Judicial Process

A statement made by Myrna Cruz, a Political Detainee in Tuguegarao City

I strongly condemn and protest this inhumane judicial process that I have been undergoing. In spite of the fiscal’s report and recommendation that the murder case they’ve involved me into be dismissed and I have to be given release order on the court’s behalf, no such thing happened. I still remain detained or should I say illegally detained here in BJMP Cataggamman, Tuguegarao City after all these judicial proceedings that legally cleared my name. This is just one of the hundreds of unlawful delaying tactics that’s keeping me from my redemption. I should say clearly that our country’s judicial system has been very irrational and biased to those in power and against such political prisoners as myself, my family, friends and supporters. It has been 99 days that I am arbitrarily detained and I have been absolved of these trumped up cases against me, but still justice has not been served equally up to this date.

I call on all political prisoners, human rights defenders, advocates and acquaintances, family and friends to join in and support my struggle for justice and freedom. I will stage a hunger strike to express my protest if on July 9, 2010 they do not grant these release orders to gain my redemption.

2 July 2010

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